Cooperations & Careers

We understand that each individual has unique needs, motivations and we use this knowledge to showcase services that your business values the most.

Through our corporate services, we support your business objectives, enhance brand perceptions, build customer loyalty, and grow engagement to ultimately build ROI.

Collaborate and become part of our extensive network to strengthen your brand awareness.


We invite companies, brands, services, managements, and organizations to become a PRPHC Preferred Partner, but only if you can offer PRPHC and our members a substantial benefit, advantage, opportunity, challenge or more.


PRPHC is a strongly growing international company. And we haven’t reached our goal yet.
Are you a very experienced entrepreneur and strong connector in the luxury lifestyle industry.
And want to launch and run PRPHC in your region/country, contact us.


Become a PRPHC Brand Ambassador in your City, Country, or Region and grow your worldwide contacts through our target network. By generating opportunities you get a commission in return. You develop your work under your own management and receive rewards. So live the good life and make money!


We welcome contributors to team up with us. If you’re a Luxury Lifestyle Influencer, Professional or Creative. Work in Media, or representing Celebs and/or PRPHC related Aficionados. Contact us and let’s work together!


For our Master Brands, we provide solution based approaches regarding all brand marketing elements, to successfully deliver the company’s brand promise towards our user/target groups. Whether introducing a new product, entering new markets, repositioning for growth or developing new strategies to compete better, we provide creative ideas that will be very successful.

We are a platform for Master Brands to connect and build up the right relations.
Connect, relate and create new business, developing brands and increase clientele.
All within the right professional environment and circumstances needed.
Results are extremely outstanding, on the spot at the right time, national and international. Contact us for cooperation.


We create well-designed, highly enjoyable events and entertainment experiences. Continuously keeping track of innovations to develop specific concepts for a sophisticated and international audience. Our goal for every event is to create a unique atmosphere by combining the right music, decorations, acts, and entertainment in a soulful and exclusive entourage. We strive to differentiate ourselves from other event companies through efficiently using our international network and creative touch, by bringing in our ‘experience’ and ‘personal service’. Are you in the entertainment business, contact us to join mutual opportunities.


Our approach is related to ultimate networking, promotion and sales environments. Where goals, needs, and requests create the perfect balance for trustful relationships. We offer the most effective marketing strategies by using:
Native Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Affinity Marketing, Crowd-culture, and our “Brands at Events” program. Up to strategic businesses, network /high-end consumer events, exclusive shows, product launches/specials, V-VIP Parties, and Luxury Experiences. Contact us and join.

At PRPHC we’re always looking for experienced persons to join us.

If you can offer PRPHC and our members a substantial benefit, advantage, opportunity, challenge or more. Send your motivation letter and CV to us.

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