Champagne Carbon x PRPHC

Champagne Carbon now available in Mid/South America and the Caribbean

For five generations, the Méa-Devavry family have been cultivating their 15-hectare estate with passion. The grand champagnes that bear the CARBON name owe their excellence to the exceptional quality of their grapes. The historic skill of fermenting the very best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs in small oak barrels adds complexity and elegance to the incomparable style of our champagnes.

Vineyards in Champagne

Champagne Carbon is known for its range of perfect champagnes. From Brut, Blanc de Blancs Vintages to Rosé, each cuvée owns its distinct aromatic personalities. Carbon chief characteristics? Clear-cut and uncompromising.

Through the Carbon wrap that covers the bottles, they link and fuse two types of energy: the Carbon on the outside, the carbon dioxide of the Champagne bubbles on the inside. In this way we confirm the existence of interactions, with a kind of exchange occurring, and the pure expansion of our wines being nourished by the material adorning our bottles.

Creating an elixir that is in perfect harmony with a beautifully shaped carbon bottle to always keep it seriously chilled

Alexandre Mea-Devavry, Son and grandson of the 5th generation of Champagne winegrowers

Since April 2021, PRPHC is the official sole authorized, importer, distributor, sales & brand ambassador for Champagne Carbon for Mid, South America, and the Caribbean. Therefore, Champagne Carbon is now available in this region!

As we would like for people to enjoy this iconic drink, we are looking for distributors, resellers, and retail in this region to cooperate with. We are excited to bring Champagne Carbon to this side of the world!

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