PRPHC Mansion

“Collecting experiences are the greatest luxuries.”

Our PRPHC mansions are the perfect setting for our business- and private network gatherings, meetings, high-end consumer events, brand testings, tastings, and private dining. You can expect exclusive shows, products launches, VVIP parties, luxury experiences, and much more exciting happenings.

In these amazing and stunning mansions, we showcase the exclusive and authorized range of spectacular master brands, collectibles, and wanna-haves which are also available online. It will give you the change to try, see and experience our brands.

The PRPHC mansions are the perfect hangout to unwind in total privacy. Enjoy complemented exclusive champagnes, wines, fine spirits, specially developed cocktails, warm /cold drinks, herbal infusions, and juices, combined with healthy gourmet options.

Opening soon in Asia: Bali, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and for Europe: The Netherlands and The Mediterranean.