NEMO Dive Center Franchise Opportunity

Establishing 40 new NEMO Dive Centers (NDCs)

The more popular the NEMO sub becomes, the more we gain valuable insights on how best to support our new customers. Learning from the successful Sub Centre Curaçao, we devised a comprehensive “total care” approach for NEMO customers.

To facilitate further growth, we aim to establish 40 new NEMO Dive Centers (NDCs) all combined in a UBW franchise organization in the next 4 years.

We are looking for local franchise representation to set up the NEMO Dive Centers (NDC) together. The NEMO Dive Center will have its own sub available for organizing further demonstrations to sell complete NEMO subs or fractional ownership. They will handle all maintenance of the sub and keep it in tip-top “dive-ready” condition. Use the sub for commercial or tourist diving and give the very popular pilot training as well.

NEMO Dive Center

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