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PRPHC, a global community for aficionados like you, with strong values, who command only exclusive, luxurious and the most sought-after experiences, connections, brands, events, and services available today. PRPHC offers a unique, dynamic and unparalleled lifestyle.
Tailored to your social, business, cultural, and leisure demands. Designed to celebrate individuals, like you,
who prefer “living the good life” and enjoy advantageous rewards through a generous loyalty program.

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Paul Alvares PRPHC

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Paul Alvares
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PRPHC from East to West


PRPHC started in Rotterdam, Europe. Now we take you from Asia to the Caribbean.
Join our exclusive journeys, events, experiences, and visit the PRPHC Mansions at selected locations.



PRPHC mansions are the perfect setting for business- and private network gatherings, meetings, high-end consumer events, brand testings, tastings, and private dining. You can expect exclusive shows, product launches, VVIP parties, luxury experiences, and much more exciting happenings.
In amazing and stunning mansions, we showcase exclusive and authorized range of spectacular master brands, collectibles, and wanna-haves giving you the opportunity to see, try, feel and experience it.

PRPHC mansions are the perfect hangout to unwind in total privacy. Enjoy complemented exclusive champagnes, wines, fine spirits, specially developed cocktails, warm /cold drinks, herbal infusions, and juices, combined with healthy gourmet options.


Ultimate AIR Travel Solutions
Let’s explore the world with PRPHC.
On your demand.


Exceptional Luxury is in the detail.

Ultimately skilled in international elite luxury real estate & hospitality.
Local expertise, global services. 

Extraordinary objects are available as holiday destinations or even to buy. 
Offering diverse opportunities in unique markets and objects globally. 

We strongly believe in personal contact, private viewings, exclusive meetings and
events to creating a wider platform for ultimate reach.

Working fields: PRPHC global destinations & Locations where clients need us to take action.

Powerful connections grant ultimate results.

PRPHC Experiences

Living a fulfilling life is about creating magical moments you will never forget.
PRPHC offers unique tailor-made experiences which will stay in your memories forever.
Nothing is too crazy.


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PRPHC Foundation

We Care. We Share.
Join our 2021 Campaign.

Leading a healthy, productive, and luxurious life doesn’t come naturally for everyone.
PROPHECY believes that when given the right tools – like education, women empowerment,
funding the medical sector, investing in new businesses and technologies – amazing effects and growth can be created.

The PRPHC Foundation supports carefully selected projects. There’s “one-on-one” contact,
to make sure that our contribution is well spent, for the full 100% to those who need it.

PRPHC donates up to 15 percent of every sale to the foundation fund.
Members, non-members, and companies are free to donate individually as well.