Terms & Conditions

Version October 2020

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Contact person: Paul Alvares

The PRPHC website www.prphc.com (also referred to hereinafter as the “website”) has been designed for the purpose of providing information to its users.

Your access to and use of this website indicates your irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

All the provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply to all users. You should, therefore, review the Terms and Conditions each time you access, view and/or use the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

All of the content available on the website, notably photographs, written text, slogans, drawings, images, and animated sequences (with or without audio), as well as any and all intellectual creations integrated into the website are owned by PRPHC or third parties which have authorized PRPHC to use them. Consequently, all the reproduction and representation rights related to such content are strictly reserved, and any reproduction or representation thereof is subject to the prior written permission of PRPHC.
Any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation or modification – by any process or media – of all or part of the website without the prior written permission of PRPHC is strictly prohibited and would constitute an offense of copyright infringement.

1. Foreword
1.1 By registering yourself as a user / member of PRPHC (hereinafter referred to as “member”) and accept the Terms and Conditions on the site, you agree with the General Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”), whereby you register as a contractual member and make a business commitment with PRPHC and you commit to the contribution, after approval of your application by PRPHC.
1.2 The GTC is in force and entails the contractual agreement with the member independently via our website prphc.com. PRPHC provides its services exclusively to adult natural persons.

2.1 At PRPHC, someone can apply via our website prphc.com as a member. After approval from management of PRPHC you are a full member.
2.2 If you apply by yourself or when you are invited directly by PRPHC for a membership, you must complete the entire registration process to fill in to register you as a member. A membership is entered for the period of 1 year (12 months). We would like to see you take a recent portrait photo of yourself.
2.3 The payment of the annual contribution is exclusive of 21% VAT and fully business and tax deductible. The payment of the annual membership fee after a successful one registration is binding and legally an agreement between the two parties. The payment of your annual contribution is made by bank transfer.
2.4 After a successful registration and approval of a membership, the new member will receive an invoice on the email address indicated by the member, if applicable. Costs incurred by PRPHC must be made if a user provides incorrect information that leads to PRPHC expelling the user, and therefore will be charged.
2.5 The data provided by the user will only be used by PRPHC. PRPHC reserves the right to share, delete information of information that is in conflict with the above without giving the user prior explanation.
2.6 The user accepts and agrees that it is impossible for PRPHC to guarantee a 100% service with the current technology with regard to maintenance, safety aspects and external influences, such as disruptions in public networks, power failures, which can result in the temporary interruption of PRPHC service.

3. Guarantees regarding the registration
3.1 The user is obliged prior to using the services of the website Register.
3.2 The user guarantees and declares that all data provided by him / her is accurate and complete. The user must report changes without delay so that the data is accurate and stay up to date. User can not use pseudonyms or fake names.
User also declares and guarantees that:
• the user is 18 years and older at the time of registration
• user of PRPHC is using the website exclusively for our services3.3 User can only register once at PRPHC, therefore user has only 1 profile.
• user acknowledges all rules and regulations when participating in any auctions
3.5 User is obliged to make the correctness of the data of the co-users personally to check. By making a personal photo and / or the company logo and all input fields compulsory, PRPHC tries to contribute to making its members recognizable. However, PRPHC can not guarantee the correctness of the by any users information provided.

4. The obligation of the user
4.1 User is also obliged to not give misleading background information in his / her profile and this also applies to the provision of information to others users.
4.2 PRPHC will automatically adjust the photos to the correct format.
Personal photos of the user must be recent and must not be older than two (2) years. The photo must clearly represent the user. User declares and guarantees that the display of his / her photo on the website of PRPHC is legally permitted.
4.3 Conforms to the use of the service and the website of PRPHC user that he / she:
• strictly adheres to the statutory regulations
• no abusive language addressed to mutual members, companies, PRPHC or her licensees will express
• will not share pornographic content or any other content in violation of the law
• will carry out any form of advertising, promotion, offering or distribution of the above
• in no way will users attempt to collect spam or email addresses in order to spamming
• will not use content that is protected by law or regulations (including: copyright, trademark, patents or patent pending), without being entitled to it and not goods or advertise, promote, offer or distribute services provided by law or regulation are protected refrains from promoting pyramid games or any other form of unfair competition, including aggressively commercial acquisition and including but not excluded to, among others chain letters, and / or similar concepts / techniques.

5. The following actions by the user are inadmissible:
5.1 Any use of technology, software, scripts, robots, crawlers or spiders in relation to the use the PRPHC website is not allowed.
5.2 All content of prphc.com is protected by copyright. Overwrite, copying, modifying or forwarding any content from the PRPHC is not allowed.
5.3 Distribute without explicit written permission from PRPHC exhibiting content, logo or images of PRPHC via printscreen or other techniques are not allowed.
5.4 SPAM, or e-mail bombs or any other action by a user that has an impact on the performance of
our website is inadmissible. All aforementioned matters will go under observation and legal measures are followed up.

6. Changes within the websites of PRPHC
6.1 PRPHC is a dynamic community. That is why PRPHC reserves the right to expand or limit its content and service at any time desirable and adaptable on the basis of the changes in the market.

7. Termination of membership, renewal, refund and prepayment
7.1 The membership is entered into for a period of 1 year (12 months). User can cancel their membership up to 5 business days before the expiration date without any further reason. Termination can only take place by means of a registered letter. The membership becomes automatically renewed annually by one year. Confirmation of the cancellation will sent to by the user specified e-mail address.
7.2 Parties can unilaterally terminate the agreement without any obligation to pay the contribution by PRPHC. In the situation that PRPHC is mandatory to terminate the agreement unilaterally this will be broken without further explanation of reason.
7.3 PRPHC can immediately terminate the contract unilaterally if:
• User does not comply with the laws and / or general terms and conditions of PRPHC, or negative about PRPHC to third parties or other members.
• user terminates his / her contractual obligations
• the reputation of the service offered by PRPHC is substantially compromised brought by user (if, for example, it appears that user has occurred differently, false name, company or position used in registration, or demonstrably not integer or involved appears to be in (semi) criminal activities or a criminal conviction appears to have known is for users of PRPHC)
7.4 If the user violates any of the above mentioned items in 7.3, PRPHC is entitled to:
• warn the user
• to put the user (temporarily or permanently) on non-active
• remove the user-posted content

8. No refund of already paid full member membership:
8.1 members cannot claim a refund.
8.2 if PRPHC has decided to unilaterally terminate the agreement on the basis of above points user is not entitled to a refund of the contribution.
8.3 If PRPHC has decided to deny access on the basis of the above points user is not entitled to a refund of the contribution.

9. Responsibility for personal / business data and information
9.1 PRPHC gives no guarantee or explanation for the accuracy, the authenticity of data / content of users, or that it includes a specific purpose.
9.2 Linked external channels to PRPHC as linked websites are also independently responsible for content provided by third parties or members.
9.3 User can update about users who do not comply with applicable legal provisions or general conditions by using our contact form.

10. Liability
10.1 PRPHC is only liable for demonstrable negligence if PRPHC does not adhere to its basic obligations that a user under this agreement from PRPHC. In no case is PRPHC financially responsible for any negligence.
10.2 In the situation where a user makes PRPHC liable, PRPHC appeal to its company insurance and hand over the business to the authorized insurer. The insurer will further coordinate with the user if there is a possibility of paying back membership fees already paid by user. User can never claim a higher amount from PRPHC or its insurance than by user paid membership after deduction of already expired months.
10.3 The only intention PRPHC has is to create experiences, offer great deals and auctions, and bring high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, company owners and business top management together. In no way will PRPHC participate in any communication between the users. In no way will PRPHC be liable for the execution of agreements concluded between users. PRPHC does not give guarantees or sureties to users for successfully approaching another user via PRPHC. Furthermore, PRPHC cannot be held liable in any way for failing to comply with the obligations contained in this agreement has been made.

11. Indemnification
11.1 User declares and guarantees that all content, data or information provided by user is provided to PRPHC is free of all rights.
11.2 User indemnifies PRPHC for all claims, actions, losses and liabilities, including (legal) costs that are the result of negligence by the user and from which PRPHC is held liable.
11.3 If it appears that the content provided by the user violates any rights PRPHC will remove information/content without any conflict.

12. Protection of data
12.1 PRPHC recognizes that personal data, content and information provided by user is extremely important to user and PRPHC will therefore treat data as confidential information.
12.2 PRPHC will also comply with the statutory requirements regarding keeping personal data and is affiliated with the College for the protection of personal data.
In particular, PRPHC guarantees that it does not give an openness to its files users to third parties. This is stated separately in our privacy policy.

13.1 The agreement encompasses all that PRPHC exclusively and contractually with its users. There are therefore no separate oral or written agreements that have not been explained and agreed in this agreement.
13.2 PRPHC reserves the right to change this general at any time, without giving reasons, unless an adjustment would be highly unreasonable for users. PRPHC will in that case letting users know in advance that changes will take place. If user does not responds to the adjustments within 2 weeks within the general conditions, assumes that the user has already accepted the changes tacitly.
13.3 If for any reason whatsoever it appears that one of the aforementioned points is not legal or proves to be feasible, this means that all other points mentioned above are theirs legal validity and thus remain executable. Parties already agree with replacing an invalid point for a valid point that is closest to the final intention of the intended position.
13.4 Any legal proceedings can only be brought before the competent court in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
to be made. These terms and conditions and the underlying contractual value will be exclusively determined by Dutch laws and possibly under Dutch right.