NEMO Dive Card

We offer a private sub experience for everyone with the NEMO Dive Card.
The first and only submarine dive card in the world.

The NEMO Dive Card

The NEMO Dive Card is a product that enables holders to use NEMO Submersibles at all NEMO Dive Center locations in the world.

With the NEMO Dive Card, you can block diving hours.

The NEMO Dive Card is a prepaid standard 25-hour card.
It’s a simplified and cost-effective way to experience the underwater world with the NEMO Sub.

This includes:

  • Simplified access to book and enjoy your diving, guaranteed availability.

  • No joining fee, deposit, or hidden costs, just a fixed rate for the 25-hour card.

  • A discount, if the NDC is extended.

  • Financial stable value.

  • PRPHC Member benefits for the 2-year duration of the card.

Personalized options

We offer a range of programs, for your individual, family, friend or corporate demands, each with different advantages, to ensure you find the perfect solution for your unique dive experiences.

So you can customize and/or combine your card with our options.


Availability of the NEMO Dive Card is limited.

The minimum commitment is 2 years after the issue date

Available from February 2024

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